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Startup & Scaleup

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Quicker Decisions

We help you to collate key decision making data and provide you insights to help you move quickly and secure the right workspace.

Workspace strategy

We are with you every step of the way to ensure you select the right home for your business, tailoring a strategy bespoke to you.

New ways of working

Hybrid? Full time? Remote workers? We collate the latest trends to ensure your organisation can adapt to the desires of your teams.
*Our services currently cover Manchester & London.

Your New Home

Workspace is becoming increasingly viewed as an asset as opposed to a business cost. It is seen as a tool to attract talent, host clients, reflect culture, amongst much more. Level's job is to collaborate with you to ensure your new home is perfect!


The Level Way

We represent the tenants

It is our duty to provide impartial advice. Our business model lends itself to tenants, not landlords. We partner with you every step of the way from brief to lease completion

Off market opportunities

We find you off market opportunities that aren't common knowledge to the rest of the market, giving you a wider array of options to consider

Long term partnerships

Our customer success journey is vital to us and we ensure that our clients are supported with workspace decisions and beyond


Don't just choose an office, choose a place where your people can interact, work and enjoy the benefits of a community with wider building amenities.

Inclusive Workspace

  • Neuro-diverse workspace
  • Disabled access
  • Faith rooms
  • Diverse & inclusive spaces

Hybrid Offices

For a mix of in-house and remote
A hybrid office is designed to provide flexible working to give your people choice
Fully fitted out
Flexible terms
Flexible working
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Flexible Offices
Taking the hassle out workspace decisions, everything is included.
Fully fitted out
All inclusive price
Business operation support (post etc)
Events, teas, coffees
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Leased Offices

From Short to Long Term
Do you want somewhere to call your own and establish your own culture? Leased is the option for you.
Longer lease terms
Create your own environment
Establish your own culture
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The hard work is taken care of.

Best Deal

It's our objective to advise you and achieve the best deal for our clients. Having no commercial arrangements with landlords enables us to push for the best deal possible.

Off Market opportunities

We help to find you a wider array of options which are not placed on the market.

Due Diligence

We ensure that your property strategy is thorough by taking a detailed brief and ensuring we find the most effective real estate option to fit your business culture.


We ensure that your decision making is inclusive and that you are considering the needs of all of your employees not just senior management. We look at disabilities, religions, neuro-diversity, amongst other areas of consideration.

We grow with you.

We help you to grow from a co-working space to large 100+ people office. With our network of offices across the world.

  • UK
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • USA
  • APAC
Frequently Asked Questions

We make it simple.

We speak with 100s of clients every year, and see that choosing an office is hard. Negotiating a good deal even harder. We exist to help you get best terms possible for your office agreement.

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What's the Cost?

We work with all of our clients to provide flexible pricing structures that suit the parameters of their business, whether that be;
1) Fixed one off cost
2) % of the headline rent
3) % of the incentive that we save you
We want to give all of our clients choice and transparency.

How long does it take?

It all depends on the option that you take. Co-working, managed & hybrid options can be delivered in days/weeks, whereas we advise between 3-6 months for those looking towards a longer term leased option.

We tailor a unique property strategy for all of our clients and advise on delivery times.

How can we work together?

Level is an extension of your team, acting as your property adviser on a project by project basis. We look to cover every option within the market and educate you on why we believe particular options are fit for your people and your business.

We love to build long-term partnerships and watch your business flourish.

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