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Future of work

Keep up to date with world leading working practices to benefit your organisation and your people.

Global workspace solutions

Streamline your operations, improve productivity and drive bottom line impact.

Diversity & Inclusion

Your decision making needs to be inclusive when searching for an enterprise workspace.  Your people are your biggest asset and we partner with you to create insights as to how to develop a diverse and inclusive workspace for your team.
*Our services currently cover Manchester & London.

Infrastructure, sustainability & technology

Ensure your workplace meets the needs of both your organisation and people by embracing the latest working practices.


The Level Way

Value aligned search

What's important to your organisation? Inclusivity? Sustainability? We help you to make sure that you get insights in to the marketplace so that you know you are partnering with the right landlord that is aligned to your values.

Technology & scale

We work with you to outline the latest workplace technologies so that you have a better understanding of how to optimise the performance of your business.

Energy & sustainability

Our team works with you and the landlord to ensure you can effectively reduce your carbon footprint and create long term benefits.

Navigate the future of work

Level partner with you on the scope of your project, providing market intelligence and workplace trends to elevate your office search experience.

Strategic workspace advice

  • Location insights
  • Transactions
  • Lease & Workspace advisory
  • Global workplace solutions

Hybrid Offices

For a mix of in-house and remote
A hybrid office is designed to provide flexible working to give your people choice
Fully fitted out
Flexible terms
Flexible working
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Flexible Offices
Taking the hassle out workspace decisions, everything is included.
Fully fitted out
All inclusive price
Business operation support (post etc)
Events, teas, coffees
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Leased Offices

From Short to Long Term
Do you want somewhere to call your own and establish your own culture? Leased is the option for you.
Longer lease terms
Create your own environment
Establish your own culture
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Your strategic workspace partner

Discovery session

We want to get a deeper understanding of your business and understand the way you tick so that we can deliver a strong workplace fit when searching for your firm's latest workspace.

Workspace appraisal

We will assess options in detail alongside you so that we can begin to hone in on specific options that are fit for purpose.

Financial analysis

We like to present in depth financial reporting on all of your shortlisted options with no hidden costs so that you can budget accordingly and effectively.

Enterprise deal structure

Level's representatives will utilise our property expertise to deliver a deal structure that includes, concessions, flexibility and other factors that positively impact your business.

We grow with you.

We help you to grow from a co-working space to large 100+ people office. With our network of offices across the world.

  • UK
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • USA
  • APAC
Frequently Asked Questions

It's all in the detail...

We partner with you to ensure that we collate key decision making data and market insight that ensures we select the most effective real estate solution for your organisation.

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What resources do we require?

Level will require a dedicated team member/s to work with to deliver this project and access to key decision makers at the latter stages of the project.
We like to speak to the right people at the right team so that we can ensure a smooth transition in to your new office.

Why partner with Level?

Level have worked with a variety of global businesses to deliver solutions to complex real estate challenges. Our knowledge and expertise enable you to make smarter decision, save you time and money.

How can we work together?

Level is an extension of your team, acting as your property adviser on a project by project basis. We look to cover every option within the market and educate you on why we believe particular options are fit for your people and your business.

We love to build long-term partnerships and watch your business flourish.

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