The new Level brand gets busy

We’re delighted to today reveal the elevation of Level’s brand.

The Manchester worker bee is one of the best known symbols of the city.

Illustrating both a hard work ethic and hive of activity the emblem has been strongly associated with Manchester for over 150 years.


Level is fortunate to play a role in the Manchester of today. A city where unity remains a core and fundamental characteristic. Our new black, yellow and white colours palette reflects our mission and values as a company offering flexible friendly solutions. As a caring provider of finding fit for purpose workspaces for new and established businesses we feel the new branding captures our intentions. We’re a supportive, flexible, ambitious, friendly and dynamic company.

And we like to listen, collaborate and advise with purpose.

Yes, we’re busy. But we’re not busy fools.

We are as busy as the market demands - and the bright lights of Manchester’s vibrant business scene continue to shine.

In summary, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of Level’s new brand.

We’d also like to thank those fantastic companies and people we have had the pleasure of working with so far.

Our future - like that of Manchester and the businesses operating within it - feels bright and filled with purpose.

Level will always focus on value and providing the best possible service to our clientele and we look forward to meeting more companies that share our values.

The Story behind the symbol

When creating the new Level logo and brand we worked on four foundations; simplicity, relevance, versatility and how memorable it could become.

We hope you agree that we have achieved all four, while projecting our identity, values and message. As after all, as a workspace advisory business, Level adheres to be trustworthy, professional, supportive, flexible, tailored, innovative and collaborative.


This element boils down to the spaces we provide for businesses to thrive. The underlying aim here is to convey our supportive, professional and flexible approach.

Double "L" Search and Elevate
At Level we always aim to elevate our clients’ experience of a workspace to new heights. The compass theme we have used here indicates direction and guidance, which are of great importance when it comes to our push to excel in client customer service.


Who would we be in this modern world of work if we didn’t place community at the heart of Level’s services? We enable businesses to flourish in environments that align with their values and growth objectives. And we hope you agree that this element of our branding projects this. To be friendly, collaborative and caring is important in our super-fast moving world and we don’t just say it, we do it.

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