How coworking can help your business in 2023

Colony, the flexible workspace operator, has spoken with Level Founder Joe Averill


From Manchester to London and beyond, coworking spaces have become a staple in the 21st century for businesses of all sizes.

The need for flexible workspace solutions has never been higher, and as we head into a brand new year, there is no sign of that changing.

2023 will present new challenges to the business world, with many businesses seeking to take advantage of the flexible workspace, shared facilities, and premium amenities found in coworking spaces as a way to combat rising costs and an unpredictable global climate.

Last year the demand for flexible workspace grew by 22% as many businesses pivot to hybrid working.

Here's part of the Q+A below.


In your opinion, how will the demand for coworking spaces change in the next two years, and what factors do you believe will contribute to this change?

The demand is going to change because the occupier now values flexibility more. The majority desire flexibility in leases and buildings with a high level of amenity. Businesses are still testing new ways of working, whether that is hybrid or fully remote or back to the office full time. Flexible working and serviced offices with flexible leases offer a great testbed for this. It also offers the option for businesses to take less workspace to reduce costs because of the wider amenities within buildings, whether that be event spaces, meeting rooms, podcast rooms, breakout spaces, gyms, bars etc.

Even the big corporations are moving towards flexible workspace. If they are in outdated spaces it becomes difficult to not only get younger people back to the office but also affects recruitment and attracting the best talent.

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