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Hybrid space that is a selling point to staff

The Talent Crowd facilitates impressive growth with a new office

Manchester, UK
Hybrid space that employees love

The Talent Crowd is founded on a belief that there can be a better way in recruitment.

Since being founded in February 2021, the company has gone from strength to strength and now boasts 46 staff. 

The company’s initial office was suitable for 12, and they then added another eight staff, making the place unsuitable. 

Recruitment had to be put on hold despite ongoing growth as their office simply could not accommodate more people.

Complex deal made simple

The company got in touch with Level to begin a quick search for a new place that would allow for hybrid working models and increased recruitment of new staff.

Joe and the team proposed Manchester’s ABC Building which would allow The Talent Crowd to get their whole team in one big office as it grew.

The deal was complex with the company having to move into a co-working space for three months. However, we were able to make the whole process seamless so that the company could get on with their business and not worry.

“Our first office was initially set up for 12 and we grew fast to have 20 people by the end of our first year,” said Janine Owen, Co-Founder and Operations Director.

“We'd had to stop recruiting at that point as we didn't have the space. Level got in touch with us and they were different due to the company only representing tenants, not landlords and buildings.”

Janine added: “Joe knew we wanted a space for one big team and listened to our requirements. As part of the deal we went into a coworking space for three months from January 2022, before then moving into ABC in April as part of our longer term growth strategy.

“We are very happy with our choice at ABC.  We offer a hybrid model and the move into the right space has allowed us to grow. The office is also a selling point to our staff. And we are proud of it.”

“Level have been tremendous every step of the way throughout the property search and deal negotiation, we can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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